Carl Rakosi

My parents, who are in VA this weekend to help me get settled, adopted a cat at the local SPCA. There’s a 2-for-1 special on kittens right now (it’s kitten season, and with the city population down by half due to college-town summer depopulation, it’s harder to place cats with families) so Carl Rakosi, aka Truman Capote, got adopted too. The question is whether I’m going to let him go home with my parents.


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7 Responses to Carl Rakosi

  1. Ray-Ray says:

    omg that picture is amaaaazing…! SO CUTE

  2. Amish Trivedi says:

    I hate cats, but goddamn is that a cute cat!

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    aw… you guys aren’t helping! i think i’ll have to catknap him. ray~! new business venture!!

  4. tmorange says:

    oh, he’s a keeper, don’t let him get away!!

    so does he answer to CD and TC both? if so, he’s either very bright or just not easily confused.


  5. Jessica Smith says:

    haha— well, right now he’s less than 2 mos. old and completely solipsistic, so he doesn’t answer to anything. it’ll take a few weeks before he answers to Carl. (or, if he goes home with my parents, before he answers to Truman.)

  6. Maya Deren says:

    Hey Jessica:

    Lina ramona here. Sorry if I am mixing business with cat-pleezure in this feline area of your blog. I am about to send $$ for the anthology, but I’d like to know which poems of mine will be published and also, it is a small favor, but I usually use my middle name lowercased when I publish: Lina ramona Vitkauskas. Thanks!

  7. Ernesto says:

    Such a cute cat! Mine had to be left in Mexico. Also adopted (name: Oliver Twist)

    I’m in the process of finding a flat and moving… how I wish my parents could help me! You are very lucky, you know that?

    Keep the poetry flowing….

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