in the wings

Last night I had a long dream about my upcoming reading with Ron Silliman in NYC (it’s next Sunday, 6/17, at Zinc). NYC as a city gives me high anxiety anyway. The circumstances of the reading… give me nightmares 10 days ahead of time. But the opportunity to read with Ron is too good to pass up.

If you live in NY and you’re an ally, please come. I promise to let you out before anything catches fire.


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2 Responses to in the wings

  1. Mark says:

    Rachel and I will be there; it’s Rachel’s birthday that day, so I won’t really be able to hang out afterwards or anything like that, but I will be there for the reading, at least.

  2. tmorange says:

    most memorable dream of late (whose anxieties it works out will be all-too apparent):

    all my CDs had been stolen from my apartment (the london ontario one, not the DC one), and i knew who had done it: a group of poetry thugs who were out to wreck the works and lives of me and my poetry friends. and while i was very upset about the loss of money and time and pleasure that such a theft was going to cause me, i drew continual reassurance from the possibility that this was perhaps a good thing: at least now i would not have to move the CDs to nashville.


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