technical difficulties… please stand by

Still moving in, unpacking, getting the mainframe hooked up, looking for a job.

Also, $666 has recently left my bank account (it’s yet to show up on the internet banking thing so I’m not sure where all that money went, but it leaves me a bit overdrawn). I think God is mad at me for the anti-Catholicism comments.


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6 Responses to technical difficulties… please stand by

  1. Ernesto says:

    LOL. 😉

    Catholicism’s God is usually very forgiving and sympathetic. It’s the Old Testament one that was quite moody, to say the least…


  2. Rachel says:

    Uh…as regards the God, 666, the Devil and hell–there isn’t any hell in the Old Testament. And no devil, either, no Revelations, ergo no 666. These are all New Testament innovations.


  3. Mark says:

    Damnit, that was me. Though appropriate that it posted as Rachel since she, being Jewish, is the source of most of my OT v. NT knowledge–since I was raised by an Atheist and a Lutheran. (Consequently I live in constant fear of something that doesn’t exist…)

    God, I love that joke.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    If I have a son I want to name him Pascal. I will hope he doesn’t develop a gambling addiction.

  5. Michael says:

    You Sure the $666 wasn’t to Cafe Press for Free Hilton Paris Shirts? 🙂

  6. Ernesto says:

    Um… I didn’t imply that there was a Devil or a Hell in the Old Testament (in case Mark’s comment was addressed to mine).

    I just said that the Catholic “God” would very surely forgive her (unlike the Old Testament one, who would surely punish her… LOL).

    Warm regards.

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