I have too many books.


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  1. kathryn l. pringle says:


  2. mark wallace says:

    Bricks for the eye, a friend of mine used to call them.

  3. alixandra says:

    I have vowed never to get rid of books when I move because they are what makes my house look like a home.

  4. François says:

    Tell me about it. Still trying to figure out which books to leave in Houston and the essentials to bring to SF.

  5. Steven Fama says:

    My sympathies. If you figure out what to do, let me know.

    Not to make it more difficult, and you gotta live in the here and now, and for today, I know, but think about twenty or twenty-five years down the road. For me, it has become really really hard to collect and keep books, even those that I really really love. Think of the number of linear feet of shelf space needed, year after year, ever increasing, and the upkeep in terms of avoidng damage from dust, damp, and/or sun.

    I wish I had an answer.

  6. Talia says:

    Well, I don’t have enough books…so….

  7. Michael says:

    I didn’t realize this was even possible.

  8. DUSIE says:

    and yet…and yet

  9. Paul Burdick says:

    Such a thing is not possible.

  10. Jessica Smith says:

    ah… they’re just such a pain to move. i’ve thought about renting a storage space or some small office and establishing a closed-stacks library there, just so that if/when i move around more in charlottesville my library will always be in the same place.

    anyway, i am getting rid of furniture before getting rid of books. there is not enough room for everything, but i would rather sit on the floor surrounded by books.

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