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Ok. I admit it. I have a problem. Today I went to the SPCA to fill out a foster application to become a foster parent for sick/traumatized cats. When Mark adopted Gray we convinced them to give me a raincheck … Continue reading

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I saw Sicko. I laughed. I cried. Literally. I felt like puking. I didn’t puke, but I liked the audience participation aspect: a film about sickness that actually makes you feel sick! I felt like moving to Canada. I thought … Continue reading

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If you’re a 4SQ subscriber and you get an automatic email from PayPal asking for $24, don’t pay it (unless of course you want to give me an extra $24. I won’t interfere).

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More kittens!

Anyone who meets my cat Basil loves him. People who weren’t “cat people” before admit that maybe cats can be as cool as dogs. People who were allergic to cats before don’t mind taking medication so they can be around … Continue reading

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Mary Ellen Solt 1920-2007

Obituary at Tom’s place. Concrete Poetry: A World View at UBU.

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Finally, it’s here! Issue 2.1 of FOURSQUARE features poetry by Marci Nelligan, Angela Veronica Wong, Jeannine Hall Gailey, and Natalie Zina Walschots. Cover collage by Christina Lyon. Eyelet lace is hand-threaded with sea-green satin ribbon and stitched onto a white … Continue reading

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Recent collaborative vispo from Outside Voices authors derek beaulieu and Andrew Topel. Click for a larger image.

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I walked down to the new Corner location of Revolutionary Soup for lunch today. I’d never been there before, but I’d heard great things. As they say, the food “did not disappoint.” But more importantly there is an English Major … Continue reading

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My friend Mark found some darling kittens running around in the street and brought them to my house. It’s nice to feel like I’m the kitten refuge. We found their owner rather too immediately, even before I could take lots … Continue reading

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weekend efforts

Finishing the run of Brenda Iijima’s 4SQse, printing and folding 4SQ 2.1, stencilling the covers for derek beaulieu’s Take-Home Project chapbook, printing up some bird-books (if you placed an order with me this winter yours will ship this week), making … Continue reading

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The Hex Presse dice sets I was talking about here can be seen emerging here. The first set, created using Dickinson texts, is available here.

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The Voice

Full report on Kundiman reading in its multiplicity later… for now a simple question: who decided that poetry sounded like this? You know what I mean: the NPR Poet Voice that sounds like the eyes are being rolled back in … Continue reading

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Die Liebe Hoeret Nimmer Auf

A recent search for what the above phrase means in English has made it to my blog. To the best of my knowledge, this translates literally to “Love never ceases,” and is a line from I Corinthians 13: “Love never … Continue reading

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Well, I checked into Ron’s blog to get Pierre’s url and noted that he’s reviewed the Zinc reading. The only problem with a positive review from Ron is that it inevitably leads factions of people to hate me or to … Continue reading

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a midsummer night’s dream

Well, I forgot to put flowers under my pillow. I dreamt that I was in a large classroom full of people sitting “Indian-style on the rug” in a circle. There were two large white birds with long, gramophone-shaped tails. The … Continue reading

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trevlig midsommar

Ok, so it’s not Midsommar officially, but it’s Midsommar really, in that it’s the solstice. So you must put 7 different kinds of flower under your pillow and you will dream of who you will marry (I don’t know if … Continue reading

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New from House Press

New chapbooks from Eric Unger and Michael Carr, plus recordings from the Just Buffalo Small Press Reading Series

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Cville poetry reading

There’s an interesting poetry reading coming up in Charlottesville! WHEN: Friday, June 22, 2007, 7pmWHERE: Kaleidoscope in Newcomb HallREADERS: Myung Mi Kim, Patrick Rosal, Prageeta Sharma and the 2007 Kundiman Fellows FREE! Dessert reception to follow. [Most of the readings … Continue reading

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Prizes for my friends

Congratulations to Sandra Beasley, winner of the 2007 New Issues Poetry Prize for her manuscript Theories of Falling, which will be published next Spring. Congratulations to Brenda Iijima, runner-up for the Sawtooth Poetry Prize for her manuscript If Not Metamorphic. … Continue reading

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mammalian insurgency

Last time I left the cats at home unsupervised, I came back to find Das Kapital open on the floor. This time, Julius Caesar. (What are we doing tonight, Brain?)

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and they will likewise all have places

I had a long, winding dream. I was having a large party. Everyone I knew, had ever known, was ostensibly there. Two girls I never really got along with in high school were lovingly checking the library, preparing the hors … Continue reading

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Virginia is so green and breathable.

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Poetry readings really aren't my thing. Why does the audience cower? Who says the author knows anything about how to read?

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I spent the afternoon at a sausagefest

And it wasn’t a poetry reading!

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O won’t we have a merry time–

Happy Bloomsday! I had a beer. Inspired by something Curtis Faville said, I also had some fabulous poetry ideas– we’ll see if I actually get around to making any of them.

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Assuming I don’t find a slide projector, if you have a copy of OFC you might want to bring it with you (I will have a few copies onhand that you can purchase).

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Assuming I don’t find a slide projector, if you have a copy of OFC you might want to bring it with you (I will have a few copies onhand that you can purchase).

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Anyone in Cville, New York, or points in between have a slide projector I could borrow for the weekend? I need it for the reading with Ron on Sunday.

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Truman (aka Carl Rakosi) ended up going home with Tommy and my parents. It was difficult to let him go, but Tommy will benefit from having a cat friend. Turns out, it’s not that I have too many books but … Continue reading

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Carl Rakosi

My parents, who are in VA this weekend to help me get settled, adopted a cat at the local SPCA. There’s a 2-for-1 special on kittens right now (it’s kitten season, and with the city population down by half due … Continue reading

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Michelle Detorie recently asked me to “curate” a set of dice for her new cleromancy project from Hex Presse. The task was to choose a female poet and go through her poetry, picking 6 words for each of 6 dice. … Continue reading

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in the wings

Last night I had a long dream about my upcoming reading with Ron Silliman in NYC (it’s next Sunday, 6/17, at Zinc). NYC as a city gives me high anxiety anyway. The circumstances of the reading… give me nightmares 10 … Continue reading

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I have too many books.

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Good thing we didn’t invest in those “Free Paris” shirts.

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technical difficulties… please stand by

Still moving in, unpacking, getting the mainframe hooked up, looking for a job. Also, $666 has recently left my bank account (it’s yet to show up on the internet banking thing so I’m not sure where all that money went, … Continue reading

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screen test

I found a teeny tiny video of my cat Hilda on the day I adopted her at the shelter.

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I didn’t realize Nathan Austin had a blog (thx csp). He’s smart and interesting, and he has the most books in common with me on LibraryThing (Mark Scroggins has the 2nd most; I haven’t uploaded all my books yet though). … Continue reading

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web design work due – need a job – papers due (still, always) – still moving stuff into the apt – people need me to do various things – various bills due thinking of going to look at kittens at … Continue reading

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Hunger Awareness Day

It’s Hunger Awareness Day. If you are sufficiently fed and you don’t know anyone who needs a few bucks for food consider giving to Oxfam or Heifer International.

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"The next page was a doorknob. I turned it…."

Yesterday on the drive up I listened to Jonathan Safran Foer’s Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I have not read his work before, despite being urged by my brother to read his first book. When I met Joyce Carol Oates, … Continue reading

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