– Thinking about buying shelving (the kind that you put in your closet). It’s pretty cheap at IKEA. It’s easy to put up and take down and, most importantly, transport. I seem to move a lot. I want more streamlined bookshelves that I can add to easily. I also want bookshelves that collapse into a small space so that I pay less money for storage units and U-Hauls in the future… assuming I’m going to keep moving around a lot.
– Just watched Freaks. Pretty good.
– Moving back to Cville middle of next week. Packing, saying goodbyes.
– Plenty of projects in development, including a 4SQ se for Brenda Iijima (heralding her forthcoming book) and new poetry of my own.
– Reading (silently) Busted, liking it.
– Reading (probably aloud) at Zinc on June 17 with Silliman. Thinking about what to read. This’ll be my last reading… probably till the Anthology release (Chicago, New Year’s).


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  1. T.A. Noonan says:

    You might check out for some DIY ideas for shelving and such. I particularly like the “invisible” bookshelves.

    Good, collapsable and/or streamlined shelving is wonderful. I could definitely use more in my life.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    The instructables page is interesting (esp. the bookcase that goes over a door, like a secret passageway) but I think just putting together the IKEA stuff is going to be enough DIY for me.

    LIving in the shadow of Monticello, I consistently think of TJ’s bookshelves, which were essentially long boxes that hook together and have sliding lids that can be taken out. So when you need to move you just take the boxes apart, slide the lids on, and presto, your library’s packed. I’ve actually seen these reproduced (in some catalog) but they were very expensive.

  3. Steven D. Schroeder says:

    You can get decent fold-in-on-themselves bookshelves (real wood, not particle board, and completely pre-assembled) at Target. I know I’m glad to have those for my pending move.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    Hm… good idea Steve.

    I have 3 big cases made of wood composite that I’ve been lugging around since I was about 8, and a vast collection of those mesh metal cubes (not ideal for books, but cheap and always available on college campuses). Looking at prices, it may be fall before I can update my shelves, but it’s good to know the options.

  5. Christopher says:

    Reading with Silliman? Awesome! I’ve read his BART…awesome piece. Have fun.

  6. Simon says:

    Anthology reading is Chicago New Year’s? So close — where I live and I think my ex will be out of town by then so I can stop skipping readings — but I will be in New Zealand for New Year’s. Such a pity!

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