Johnny Tremain

I had way too much fun with the superglue last night. Advice on getting it off? There’s got to be some magical antidote, right?


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11 Responses to Johnny Tremain

  1. Reen says:

    You need a solvent. The least powerful (and least deadly) one you can use is fingernail polish remover. It will loosen the glue, but may not be strong enough to really get it off.

    From then you can up the ante to artist’s brush cleaners, and straight on through to plain old turpentine (always read the bottle to ensure that whatever you’re using to melt the superglue isn’t also strong enough to melt you).

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Oh right! I knew i’d used up a bottle of *something* the last time this happened… it was nail polish remover! Thanks!

  3. editor galaxy says:

    Feverish dancing also works. But you really gotta thrash about. Sometimes screaming at the top of your lungs until you go hoarse helps. If you’re under 12, jumping on you bed is an excellant solvent. If older, you must get a hotel room and jump on that bed. This is also a curative for having too many monkeys in your bed.


    PS I hate that I have to delete a comment just because I wanted to correct a typo. Curse you, blogger! Now I’m going to have to run around in circles (the only solvent for a deleted comment).

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    adam, you make it so hard to say no to the boog city reading… will you come to zinc 6/17?

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    also… rubbing your fingers with salt and immersing them in saltwater works, eventually. it takes forever.

  6. John Sakkis says:

    i read that book in athens when i was 12 or 13. i remember listening to the beastie boys’s ill communication, smoking my cousin’s cigarettes and reading johnny tremain.

    i esp. remember the part when he tastes coffee for the first time. and he’s like, disapointed because it tasts so bitter, yet smells so good.

    i also remember esther forbes’s name.

  7. editor galaxy says:

    swimming in the ocean works faster than rubbing salt, and weeping will also do the trick, tho only if the glue is in the corners of your eyes and on your cheeks. If that’s where the glue is, you were probably weeping while glueing, which likely means the book you were assembling was printed on onion paper. A preventative measure, then, would be to use sweet vidalia onion for your next bookmaking project, as it’s less ungrateful.

    Jessica: I will most definately be doing boog city–I confirmed as much with Eric today. And I know he’s looking for more readers. But even if you don’t want to read, to have you there would be right; a real treat.

    Zinc is a possibility. I seem to have a free day on the 17th. That might change, but… send me an email with all the details (or make a post).


  8. Jessica Smith says:

    john: yay! i’m glad someone else read that book. it wasn’t my favorite book ever or anything, but the accident that handicapped johnny stuck in my mind.

    adam, i will be reading with ron silliman at zinc bar on june 17, which is a sunday, at 7.

  9. editor galaxy says:

    ah yes, I remember the Silliman blog entry. he found the most wonderful photo of you. I will make any effort to go–that’d be a double bill I would enjoy. but seriously think about coming for eric’s thing too.

  10. editor galaxy says:

    I like “any effort to go”–but I meant, an effort. “Every effort” would have been fine too.

  11. Jessica Smith says:

    ah… yes i am thinking about it. it will depending on finances. it will be a lastminute decision. it will also depend on how much i miss you guys b/t june 17 and july 12. 😉

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