The Particle Series

Totally swiped this off Jen Tynes‘s blog, but for two good reasons: 1. many people I know are working in small formats, and 2. many people I know are working in a post-LangPo particle-ridden world. In other words, it seemed appropriate for ya’ll. Edited by Allison Carter (who I don’t know yet).

P.S.’s First Project: The Particle Series

The Particle Series has a small but exacting brain. It thinks in terms of compression, particularity, experimentation, hybridity, the gesture of the word and/or the lyric of the gesture, frames, conceptualisms, straight arrows into bulls’ eyes, long words in small spaces trying to get out, etc., etc. – How do particles accumulate? How can a particle reveal, again, more than – or perfectly – the particular?

Each chapbook is 4″ x 2.5″. Submissions should be formatted to that size, and of no more than 45 tiny pages. For example: thinking about size and then using it.

Email submissions (and questions) to pseriesbooks at by August 15, 2007 with last name and the word “submission” in the subject. Black and white images. Books will be chosen to take part in a series of 8-10 complimentary books, to be mailed out over the course of two years. Subscriptions and individual books will be available for purchase (in the order of their release) once the entire first season has been compiled.


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