I miss the D.C. poets.


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6 Responses to community

  1. Reen says:

    Don’t miss us. We’re ridiculous. Case in point: Tom Orange owns no dance music. And he only has, like, 10,000 CDs.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Yeah, maybe now that Tom has a job he’ll invest in an iPod. 😉

    But he has a great collection. What’s dance music?

  3. tmorange says:

    we all shook our booties last night nevertheless!

  4. mark wallace says:

    I miss them too, Jessica, though, to borrow Faulkner, not despite their ridiculousness, but because of it.

    But if you go back to C-ville, at least you’ll be only two hours away by car.

    That said, when I hear the name Tom Orange, I don’t think “DC poet” anymore. Instead, it’s more like “Leading Light of the Nashville Avant Garde.”

  5. Buck says:

    Thus begins the Tom Orange Roast.

  6. Ryan W. says:


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