Jen Bervin

Mags points me to Jen Bervin’s Dickinson Fascicles (more here). Now that’s interesting erasure. (While you’re clicking around, be sure to revisit A Non-Breaking Space.)

Jen is one of those poets whose work I see and I think “God! I wish I were doing that!”


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4 Responses to Jen Bervin

  1. François says:

    OH, yeah, I remember seeing the original A Non-Breaking Space at the Ugly Duckling Presse table at AWP in Austin last year. I was quite amazed by it. I bought a copy of Bervin’s NETS that day. I even considered NYU for grad school because she teaches there.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    I bought NETS immediately after seeing A Non-Breaking Space online last year, too. NETS is good (one of the better erasure works of the last few years) but I’d really like to wrap myself up in Dickinson’s proofs.

  3. Michelle Detorie says:

    Bervin’s work is def inspiring. I feel a real affinity with her maetrials: wasp’s nest, honeycombs, threads, sequins, dashes, paint. Hot stuff.

  4. Todd Colby says:

    She’s amazing and patient.

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