Dolan Geiman


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3 Responses to Dolan Geiman

  1. Jessica Smith says:

    isn’t it pretty? i think it’s like 3’x2′. i know, you can’t get very close to it online, unfortunately. maybe someone you know will buy it! or maybe we can convince dolan that he’s a poet, and he’ll publish it as a book!

  2. tmorange says:

    great piece! i know, it’s difficult to tell what the materials are and what’s being depicted, but that’s part of what i like about it…


  3. Jessica Smith says:

    well… the wood is found driftwood, and i’m not sure what the little photographs are of. it’s called Driftwood Days, so I think it’s a photodiary mounted on found driftwood. unfortunately, i can’t find an artists’ statement about it. maybe we will be lucky and he’ll make a print of it. i’d buy it as a poster, but i can’t afford it (i don’t know how much it costs but i’m pretty sure i can’t afford it).


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