Xander Booker

Xander Booker
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This is one of the pieces I bought at the Magic City Art Connection.

Xander Booker made a clutch of eggs in an installation/sculpture about his mother. They had various things on them– sewing patterns, as on this one; pictures, cuttings, handwritten notes, etc.

I liked the piece for many reasons. First, it’s lovely and it has words on it. What was it EB White said about the egg being the perfect shape? Second, the words are instructions, but the way they’ve been put together is "wrong" and also makes them impossible to put together any other way. Third, the tissue texture of the sewing pattern has not materialized (haha) into a soft fabric body, but has been petrified into something quite different– a hard, solid object. Fourth, Xander made these for his mother and my mother also sews so it is a piece of art that I can share in spiritually.

Read a review of a recent show here.


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