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Maybe I will have a housewarming party. I need plants and I enjoy serving alcohol to friends. Advertisements

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New Tinysides! And you can still get all the dusie wee chaps that have come out thus far, though the complete set is in limited supply. In case you haven’t noticed, small is in (these are just 5 examples– there … Continue reading

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Brazil to subsidize birth control

Another victory in the war against Catholicism’s sadistic goal of keeping the poor as powerless as possible.

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reflective poetics

Anyone wanna write a little chapbook called “SHE” or “RIFF” so I can use these for something? Books should be 4″x6″ or so.

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Linnaeus’s Flower Clock

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Why I am so quiet

I’ve been working on a new erasure poem. Erasure seems to be a very popular technique these days, and I wanted to see how far I could take it. So here’s Z:En, a erasure poem based on Friedrich Nietzsche’s Also … Continue reading

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– Thinking about buying shelving (the kind that you put in your closet). It’s pretty cheap at IKEA. It’s easy to put up and take down and, most importantly, transport. I seem to move a lot. I want more streamlined … Continue reading

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How do I find out if a work is in the public domain, and if it isn’t, how do I find out who to contact for permissions?

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Not livable but better.

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concrete filmo-graphy

Concrete poetry meets the MTV Generation. I’m interested in the font fetishism, the representation of arbor and rhizome, the soundtracks, the use (and non-use) of color. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – … Continue reading

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Recent acquisitions

McGann, Jerome. The Point is to Change ItGordon, Noah Eli. A Fiddle Pulled from the Throat of a Sparrow Thanks S!

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Johnny Tremain

I had way too much fun with the superglue last night. Advice on getting it off? There’s got to be some magical antidote, right?

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FOURSQUARE Subscription

Still some left. Chose 6 mos for $24 or 12 mos (plus 4 Special Editions) for $60. Payment is possible by PayPal, money order, check, or cash. The June issue alone is worth getting the subscription for. I’m bursting to … Continue reading

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Recent acquisitions

From Coach House Books (they were having a sale):Nicole Brossard, Notebook of Roses and Civilizations (Linda likes her work so I thought I’d try it)Jon Paul Fiorentino, Hello SerotoninNancy Shaw and Catriona Strang, Busted (awesome)Mark Truscott, Said Like Reeds or … Continue reading

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Ordering from Outside Voices

Sometimes PayPal has issues; I do not know how to fix them. This has been a problem with the Anthology and with Eco Quarry Bellwether. If you want to order something from Outside Voices and the PayPal links aren’t working, … Continue reading

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The Particle Series

Totally swiped this off Jen Tynes‘s blog, but for two good reasons: 1. many people I know are working in small formats, and 2. many people I know are working in a post-LangPo particle-ridden world. In other words, it seemed … Continue reading

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I miss the D.C. poets.

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pretty cool ties. Those of you who seem obsessed with meat might like this one. Or maybe you’d prefer squid. I like the gasmask and the raven.

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new things

Video poetics: The Continental Review (via Reb, attn. Aaron, Michelle.) Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs has a website.

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Want me to love you forever?

Get your local library to buy OFC. (Libraries are generally happy to purchase things you request.) (Thank you thank you to those who already have!) Also, Northerners– someone know how to get in touch with Catriona Strang?

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The last issue of Vol. 1 features cover art by poet Shin Yu Pai and poetry by Jenny Sampirisi, Lisa Forrest, Kerri French, and Mel Nichols. 4 overruns for sale at Etsy.

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die liebe horet nimmer auf

Tonight the cats and I watched Immortal Beloved. I try very hard to be a rational consumer and not a hopeless romantic but this kind of thing turns me to mush.

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Current subscribers may renew their subscriptions for a year ($60) here or for 6 mos. ($24) here. New subscribers will be considered after 5/21. Email me to get on the waiting list. (What’s FOURSQUARE?)

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I was taking pictures of FOURSQUARE for the upcoming sale of subscriptions for Vol. 2 (this sale will likely start tomorrow). Digging through my stash of small DIY productions, I decided to set out all the tinysides, too. So this … Continue reading

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Jen Bervin

Mags points me to Jen Bervin’s Dickinson Fascicles (more here). Now that’s interesting erasure. (While you’re clicking around, be sure to revisit A Non-Breaking Space.) Jen is one of those poets whose work I see and I think “God! I … Continue reading

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Linda Russo interview

Kate Greenstreet interviews Linda Russo regarding her first book, MIRTH. Also, I did read the entire Concher and eat the chocolates. I commented on the pairings in the comments section here. The Concher is a pretty cool magazine as evidenced … Continue reading

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It’s all Post-Romanticism

Before ecopoetics, before Finlay, before Deleuze, before Fluxus, before Duchamp, before Cornell, before Audubon, there was Linnaeus (along with Tesla, one of my favorite scientists). (Like my connect-the-dots genealogy?)

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Alixandra Bamford

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Dolan Geiman

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Dos Press

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In the South, it’s summer. I have an unnatural affection for gazpacho. Suggestions on how to make the best gazpacho? (Anyone in Buffalo who can obtain for me the recipe for gazpacho from Globe Market… I’ll be forever in your … Continue reading

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bloggety blog

The resources in the righthand column aren’t meant to be exhaustive. If you need to be on a list of blogs go bother Ron. On a less grumpy note, I keep going back to Mark’s post on precision.

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I am a lovely shade of azalea pink. That’ll teach me to take the sunblock out of my purse to save weight.

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Pre-order Outside Voices’s second full-length book now for a late-summer release. Free shipping on pre-orders! (Thank goodness for Brenda’s stellar artistic skills, featured on the front and back covers.)

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My horse won

And there’s a sale at one of my favorite presses, Coach House Books, till 5/15.

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I’m going stir-crazy today. I think I’ve changed clothes like six times. And we won’t even discuss how many times I’ve changed my earrings. I did, however, find sketchbooks that are exactly 4.75″ square. And I’m warming up to write … Continue reading

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Oh no

Not expecting to wake up to a picture of Creeley’s gravesite.

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Magi’s Threads

Silliman reviews Jill Magi’s Threads (Futurepoem 2007), to which I greatly look forward to reading myself.

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Xander Booker

Xander Booker Originally uploaded by looktouch. This is one of the pieces I bought at the Magic City Art Connection. Xander Booker made a clutch of eggs in an installation/sculpture about his mother. They had various things on them– sewing … Continue reading

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