Hey You

This is a painting (by Lisa Michitti). Because it is a painting and not a poem no one argues with it and says it is not a poem. Also, it costs a lot more than any poetry book. And it’s only one sheet! And you can sell prints of it after you’ve sold off the original! I never thought I’d say– “whoa painting, that’s where the money’s at.”

My art teacher always told me not to put words in my paintings.


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7 Responses to Hey You

  1. mark wallace says:

    Money in painting comes from the singularity of the original.

    How about that for four problem concepts in one sentence?

  2. Jessica Smith says:


    From now on I will only make one poem at a time and sell it. And then, once it’s been sold and people are sad, I will reveal the 150 prints for sale for $20-$40 apiece, and people will be happy and buy them. No more $16 books! Think of how much I could have sold each *page* for!

    Wha-ha-ha-ha-ha… I am an evil genius.

  3. kevin.thurston says:

    or bob grenier

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    Sometimes I wonder if my life is on some sort of trajectory that will end with my actually becoming Bob Grenier.

    No chest hair yet.

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    and think of how much $ Bob can get out of each *word*!

    and i just remembered that my brother has a collection of inks and pens that will make my handwriting work prettier and more visually appealing (uh, as art).

  6. Tawrin says:

    Have you seen my money poems? If not, I’ve got a dollar to sell you. For more than a dollar. They’re numbered and signed–Gelsinger’s got one, and man if his isn’t going to be worth at least $5 some day.

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    hehe. send me one!

    brenda iijima sent me a bill where she’d replaced the head with a post-it drawing of the head of a woman. i paid someone with it a few days ago, it got quite a reaction.

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