abbreviated Ron + 2 forthcoming books

Scanning Ron’s headlines today, I got a kick out of this and this seemed important (for visual poets).

Ellen Baxt has a new book coming out that looks exciting (interested as I am in travel, language, autobiography, and pretty cover art).

Speaking of new books with pretty covers, Outside Voices’s next book, Brenda Iijima’s ECO QUARRY BELLWETHER, is available for preorder from the website. Like Ellen’s book, it will be out later this summer.


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3 Responses to abbreviated Ron + 2 forthcoming books

  1. Steven Fama says:

    I like just about anything having to do with vision (how we see). But the linked post regrding eye movements states that the information it provides should not be taken “too seriously.”

    And I don’t. Anything written about eye movements that doesn’t discuss or at least mention the fovea and saccades is exceedingly elementary.

    The fovea and saccades are some of the most basic things about how we see.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Sure. Okay, so it was interesting, not necessarily “important.”

  3. Steven Fama says:

    Yeah, I was crabby this morning. The graphic in the article with the zig-zagging line got me all keyed up because it seemed at first glance like a visual representation of saccadic movements, but then that topic wasn’t mentioned and I got disappointed.

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