Hero Design Studio

Added Hero Designs to the WNY blogroll to the right. Check out their amazing screenprinted posters like this one for Blondie or this one for Stand (I have no idea who Stand is but it’s a lovely print). They’ve also done a print for my cousin’s band, Drive-By Truckers; I recently invested in a Buffalo Small Press Book Fair poster for my own home.


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4 Responses to Hero Design Studio

  1. Reen says:

    This sort of rock poster design outfit is just the most vibrant area of graphic arts: there are tons of little companies that do this, and the results are often breathtaking. See Aesthetic Apparatus, for example.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    lucky for my wallet i don’t know who most of these bands *are*. i am stuck about a decade behind the times. maybe more.

    i also like this guy, not the least because he’s immortalized this theatre. I had to figure out who wilco was so i could buy the poster.

  3. Reen says:

    You had to figure out who WILCO was? O you poor benighted lass.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    i still don’t really know. wanna make me a mix cd? 😀

    seriously, i think the last cd i bought “on time” was radiohead’s amnesiac. that was awhile ago.

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