In which I gush a little over Cole Swensen

If you read my blog you probably already read Ron’s, but just to point to his comments today on Cole Swensen’s new book.

Cole Swensen’s up there in my favorite poets of her generation. She’s one of very few poets that I’ve actually wanted to buy their book after hearing them give a reading. And I love her politically, as a uniter of so-called disparate poetry factions. She renews my idealism–my belief that really good poetry is recognized universally as such (I realize that this is somewhat equivalent to having a moderate political viewpoint, and it troubles me, but that’s a matter to be dealt with another day). I’ve heard her reading versions of some of the poems in this book, and they really are good, enjoyable and meaty, good like sinking your teeth into a ripe peach.

So… add this to the list of things I want.

(I also want this, when’s this coming out Kristy?)

(And regarding Zuk+, yes that is odd. But there are so many odd things said about Zuk.)


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