NaPoWriMo. I don’t actually write poetry, I just call it as it is.
• I’ve decided to take the Ulysses course instead of the Shelley course, I think. I need me some Joyce.
• I think I just saw a House Finch. One of those common birds one never notices and then suddenly it’s beautiful.


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  1. ChrisMcVey says:

    See you in the fall. Ulysses will be a blast, especially since so many people enrolled have already done significant work with the text.
    I think we should pass a bar of soap around for the entire semester, switching it off each week.

    Thanks for all the well-wishes in the GESA election. 😀

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    oh, great! i’m glad it’ll be a more advanced class. i think last time i tried to take joyce at UVA i chose the wrong time to do it. i look forward to getting my hands dirty. i’m also excited about working with levenson… which i haven’t done yet, sadly. glad you’ll be there.

  3. mark wallace says:

    There’s a nest of house finches in the rafters above our balcony. The parents stand guard in various trees nearby, using an elaborate system of call and response. There are cats to watch out for, and people. If we’re sitting on the balcony, the father (the one with the red belly) will sometimes perch on our porchlight, trying to distract us. He also seems to be the one that feeds the babies. Some time in the next week or so, the parents are going to coax the babies out of the nest by calling to them from nearby trees. Last year, one of the smallest ones stood on the floor of our balcony for more than an hour before finally floating off, just barely, into the nearby bushes. Several hours later all of them were able to fly across the courtyard, and then they were off…

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