Go go Ornette Coleman! (Can we get the Pulitzer judges for music to judge poetry?)


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  1. Steven Fama says:

    Yes yes for Ornette! Sound Grammar is one trippy live gig / CD.

    Beauty Is A Rare Thing, the complete early (late ’60s and early ’80s) recordings of Ornette and band for the Atlantic label is an amazing collection. Alas even a used copy costs @ $65. It includes the incredible Free Jazz and the entirety of the beautiful record Change of the Century though not Ornette’s important liner notes to the latter, which are worth checking out.

    And nothing says the to and fro and here there of thought like Coleman’s late ’70s albums Dancing in Your Head and Of Human Feelings.

  2. Steven Fama says:

    Beauty Is A Rare Thing collects late ’50s and early ’60s recordings for Atlantic, not “late ’60s and early ’80s” as I too hurriedly typed above. Sorry.

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