God, the Post Office. Always an adventure. Today the main downtown post office, which regularly has a line waiting on the street for parking and a line of people out the door, had two personnel behind the counter. Very. Slow.

I am thinking about where I’m going to live next year. There are a few options. I’m moving back to Cville in June and subletting a place for the summer. The obvious option is to renew the lease on that place, which is lovely and well-located albeit very expensive. It’s the expense that makes me edgy about leasing the place. Another option is to move in with a friend or colleague from the English Department. This would be cheaper but possibly a pain in the ass.

Yesterday I hung out with some kids from UA, both of whom were great company. This and other recent social events have made me realize how much I miss intellectual and artistic exposure to my peers.


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  1. Steven Fama says:

    The post office the day before tax deadline day has to be a mess — I’m assumign you endured it to mail the nw 4SQs out, so thanks.

    (I finally figured out that I wasn’t able to post comments the last however many days it has been because I didn’t switch over to the “new blogger.” Am I the only idiot?)

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