intelligent design

I’m busy, should be even busier, but I want to mention two recent publications that excite me and that you may want to buy before they’re gone:

Tiny Moon Notebook from Big Game Books. Gorgeous little production, a steal at $7 (yay lawyerdom subsidizing!)

Ferrum Wheel No. 6. I am lucky enough to have all the Ferrum Wheels now. I love myself, I use this in my daily affirmation. “Jessica, I love you because you have all the Ferrum Wheels.” It is a good reason. At $25, Ferrum Wheel is expensive for poetry but cheap for an individual, handmade, ltd. edition work of art, which is more its classification. (Email Chris Fritton to get a copy.)


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One Response to intelligent design

  1. Jessica Smith says:

    I don’t have all the Ferrum Wheel 1/2s. For each FW there is a separate small collection of 3 handmade poetic things, each by a single author. Sometimes these are tiny chapbooks, sometimes unbooklike objects. There are 25 of each, but the authors determine distribution, so if you don’t know one of the authors you’re screwed. (And you thought FORUSQUARE was hard to get.)

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