So what’s the cap on cats before I become a crazy cat lady? 2? 4? 14?

I hate that there are so many in the shelter when I could give them a nice cushy life.

Then again, I did just watch Mommy Dearest. Maybe not the best time to consider adoption.


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  1. Reen says:

    I would check city ordinances on pet ownership. Usually they will specify the number of animals you can keep in your own home. If you exceed that number, you can be reasonably sure that the community at large has determined that the number of cats you have = crazy.

  2. MissWanda says:

    Crazy means Fantastic, Gorgeous, Vigorous, Brilliant. Why, I’m as crazy as they come.

    Thanks for the FourSquare. I love it–so delicate and powerful in one little package.

  3. tmorange says:

    i think that fine line is between three and four….t.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    my mom says i can’t adopt any more cats. i guess that’s the limit.

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