more scatteriness

In the past few nights, I’ve seen Sin City, Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs. Needless to say, my dreams have been interesting. – Guitars are cool and people who play them are hot. I totally get it now. – I’ve actually been working on academic nonsense since returning from Buffalo. – Maybe I should switch cell phone companies. – I think “Hey Mickey” is about a girl, although it says “guy” once. (Mickey/Michaela) – Big hugs and congrats to Kap and Maggie on the arrival of Genevieve!


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5 Responses to more scatteriness

  1. alixandra says:

    It says “guys *like* you Mikki” (emphasis mine) therefore not necessarily about a guy. tricky.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    aha, good catch. there’s also the “i’ll take it like a man” line, so gender is evidently plastic. plus, there’s the cheerleader imagery of the video (cheerleading:girls::football:boys, eh?) and holding hands, which girls often do in ambiguous ways.

  3. alixandra says:

    hmm, interesting, I haven’t seen the video – cheerleading has often been presented sapphic contexts.

    I enjoy how both ambiguity and plasticity have been discussed here. We’ve also covered similies.

  4. Steven Fama says:

    Wow, how did Antonia Christina Basilotta get in the mix?

    Before 1982’s “Mickey” her one song was “Breakaway”, recorded circa 1966, and the black-and-white strobo-spirit ur-MTV dance film made at that time by Bruce Conner, with Basil dancing and her song playing, forwards and back, is a CLASSIC.

  5. Pirooz M. Kalayeh says:

    You can watch more guitar movies here.

    I got the 4 Square in Seoul. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

    Musicians are hot in general. It’s the whole playing with electricity thing. That’s why Benny Franklin is my hero.

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