it is way too cold in this cafe – i miss Alix – is it fair to say yes to a reading in nyc in june when I have said no to so many readings lately including cancelling one in nyc in july – i should really not say yes – i want to have a giant release party/reading on new year’s 2008 in chicago for the anthology – funding the anthology may not be totally impossible – if i do read, will i read in duet with someone, and if so, who will it be – i wonder about the recordings of my readings last week (OH and Buffalo) – i should really be working instead of writing on the blog – it will be pretty easy to put brenda iijima’s book together, esp. since she did a wonderful job designing the cover – i have a lot more poetry to read/organize for the anthology – who’s writing critical pieces for the anthology? eric, kap, simon…? – where’s kap’s baby, anyway? – this music is terrible – i had a really good tuna sandwich for lunch – i want to go shopping but i have no money – i want someone to review jenny boully’s book for 4SQ – i want poetry from angela, jeannine, kristianne, and robin for 4SQ – there are so many women i want to put in 4SQ – i wonder how people are able to balance family life, academia, publishing, and writing. how, for instance, does charles do it?


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  1. alixandra says:


    balance is hard. hard hard hard.

  2. Claudia says:

    Hey Jessica:

    How are you? Very excited to hear that you are going to be reading in nyc in june. If you are looking for a place, I have a guest room in my apartment that you are more than welcome to stay in.



  3. Jessica Smith says:

    hugs back. balance does seem very hard. i seem to end up ditching one thing at a time. the ideal would be able to do more than one thing at one time. of course, blogging doesn’t help with this time management stuff.

    claudia, thanks! i would love to stay with you. i’ll let you know once things are more concrete.

  4. jeannine says:

    Balance is impossible. Perhaps a sectioned-off series of obsessions is the only way to get things done.
    PS If you’re referring to me, I’m happy to send Foursquare poems! The journal is super-cool. Let me know how/where to send.

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    jeannine, yes, i mean you. send me stuff! may and july are both unthemed issues, and june is a special bloomsday edition if you have any homage to pay joyce (or molly). send me some little poems (jessica.s.smith at

  6. eric d says:

    a serial monogamy of personas works well i find, however it does tend to confuse the friends…

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