After Electric City

Photos from Ohio and Buffalo (also a Flickr group if you want to pool your photos). Thanks to everyone (Kevin Amy Alix Adam Matthew etc.)– but especially to Aaron and Chris— for a fantastic weekend. Hope we can do it again soon.


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3 Responses to After Electric City

  1. editor galaxy says:

    you are much quick, jessica smith–I will post a post buffalo post to flim’s list, but to do so so fast–

    i love the photos–typically unhappy w/ pics of m’self but yours are great–i think my happiness at being where i was + w/ such great people made for happy pics.

    gimme some time, but I’ll send you a cd of you reading soon…

  2. Tawrin says:

    Good 2 C U this weekend.

    Came across this and thought U might dig it (need cover artists 4 4sq?):

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    adam, it was great to see you again. i hope the bookfair will be an annual thing, if i don’t see you before then. it was great to hang out with you and matthew.

    tawrin, good to see you too. thanks for the artist tip.. this reminds me too that i want to get kate sehr to do a cover. the paper quilt project looks particularly interesting.

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