Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

Today was awesome. Alix and I met Matthew (Klane) and Adam (Golaski) for breakfast at Solid Grounds, then bought some table supplies at Rite-Aid before heading to set up the table. Though we’d thought we’d be at the same table, we weren’t, but it was ok because instead I was sharing a table with House Press. Their table was, of course, stacked with stock. So many books. Sales went well… a total of only 4 books, I think, but many 4SQs, and I traded many copies of my chapbook (Shifting Landscapes) for other small books. Between trading, selling, buying, table set-up, and the table fee, I came out maybe $10 poorer than I went in. But I got a lot of awesome books, including one of the last two copies of Ferrum Wheel 5 and one of just 50 copies of Ferrum Wheel 6. The purchase of these two set me back a pretty penny, but there are only 50! And each is a work of art. I also traded or bought original artwork, letterpress prints, books, chapbooks, zines, magazines, and other ephemera that will eventually show up on my Flickr. In the evening, Electric City Spectacular began, or continued from last night, with a bunch of House Press and related readers. Justin recorded it (thanks!). The reading space, the space where the book fair was, is this enormous, gorgeous old church. The pews are gone, so we could set up tables for the book fair and chairs for the readings. The huge organ and two large, intricate stained glass windows dominate the room, which is a domed 3-story cavern possessing that special magic that churches always seem to have (even if you’re not religious). I read some poems from OFC with the help of Alix and Eric. So the reading space was amazing, and the readings were amazing, and it was great to see everyone, and the whole thing was just amazing. I’m really glad I came up for it. (And thanks, thanks Chris and Aaron (and everyone else involved in the organization of ECS and BSPBF).)


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