When you're invited to read at Miami OH they will treat you well.


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  1. Michelle Detorie says:

    wish I could be there!

    is there a recording?

  2. François says:

    They also treat you well in St. Louis, Missouri.

  3. Jesse Crockett says:

    Someday I will read poetry somewhere.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    m… i think there’s a video, but i’m not sure when it will be available.

    f… it sounded like ya’ll had a nice trip to st. louis! i think it’s good to report back… raise the standards for poetry invitationals.

    i’ve never had a *bad* experience when i’ve been invited to read, but oxford was particularly pleasant. (so was toronto.)

  5. François says:

    Aaron Belz treated Ray and me royally when we read there. Of course, having the Schafly Bottleworks as a sponsor for a reading series quite helps in treating your readers.

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