FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Jess Rowan

Two site-specific works by Jess Rowan, with cover art by FOURSQUARE veteran Karena Colquhoun. Available for $5 at Etsy and at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair.


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5 Responses to FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Jess Rowan

  1. T.A. Noonan says:

    Between the 4SQ special editions and the dusie wee chaps, I’ve cleaned out my Paypal account! Heh. Who cares when there’s awesome stuff coming in the mail?

  2. SM Smith says:


    I went ahead and bought my Jess Rowan Special Edition through Etsy so don’t worry about saving one aside for me
    : )


  3. Jessica says:

    TA: yeah, my aunt asked me today whether I was making any money, and I was like… well… sort of… but I just buy more poetry with it. I’m kinda just supporting my habit…

    Shannon… yay! I just put your envelope together.

    Thanks guys! Jess wrote a really interesting poem, I think you’ll be pleased.

  4. jess says:

    thanks again, Jessica. beautiful work.

  5. DUSIE says:

    oooh. sehr hubsch!

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