today i

– scheduled my teaching for next semester (MWF@11)
– missed my oral exams (the “I’m on leave” memo didn’t circulate properly)
– mailed a buncha 4SQs

I have one more class to audit. These are what I’m thinking about:
– Shelley, taught by Tucker (who taught my Lyric Poetry class and who makes me smarter). It’s funny because it conflicts with a course on Coleridge and Wordsworth. Gotta pick your favorite Romantic. Of course, that’s easy, of course it’s Shelley.
– Ulysses, taught by Levenson (who is an incredible teacher and who I haven’t had yet). This is conveniently after my teaching.
– Theory, taught by Wicke, who is one of my orals examiners.

There are so many good courses being taught in the Fall that I almost wish I wasn’t done with coursework, or that I hadn’t taken, like, RenPro– if I’d waited till this semester I could’ve taken a more basic Shakespeare class for my Ren req.

The responsible decision would be to audit Theory. The fun decision would be to audit Ulysses. And to follow my heart would be to take Shelley. Obviously, I’m leaning towards Shelley, but I will probably sit in on all of them and see who’s taking what… I don’t really want to sit through an intro theory course, and the class makeup of the Joyce courses seems hit-or-miss.


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2 Responses to today i

  1. ginny says:

    You’ll be bored in the theory course — think of your frustration one entry above! You’re much more well-read in theory than most people at UVA (we’re just such a very, very theory-light department. not antitheory, mind you, just theory-light). Go consult with JWicke if you want to get to know her more (which is a good idea because she’s a tremendously helpful person, especially one-on-one).

    I think you might love a class with CTucker, actually. He’s more traditionalist than you are, but I suspect your senses of humor might match. Or I could be dreadfully wrong.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    No, you’re right– I ❤ Chip. And I should go talk to Wicke. But probably I should take a course with Levenson, right?

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