I am putting together the TOC for the Anthology. It is taking awhile. I decided to go in alphabetical order. It was a throw-of-the-dice kind of decision, to go alphabetically. I want the anthology to be readable. Enjoyable. It will function well as a doorstop but if your electricity goes out and you can’t watch t.v. and maybe you want to read your doorstop I want it to read well. (I dislike reading. I used to like it. I am here now because I like reading. But one gets tired of any repetitive activity.) Yes, so, alphabetically, and then I choose one poem from each author, so that the poems read together, so they flow together. It is an interesting process, knowing at every step that it could have been done otherwise. That is part of the anthology as anti-anthology, it is an impossible task, windmills and boulders.


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