interesting recurring themes so far: houses (architecture, house as body, house as memory palace, all of the above; especially ruined houses); ecopo, esp. birds (esp. false or broken ones, like the emperor’s nightengale or the cover of Kristy’s Feign); politics (war, burning, less explosive than smouldering, slow death); experimental film (a kind of ekphrasis?); bodies (anatomical detail, how the body works).

The classics: Love, Nature, Death.

Place– but not always a place– more sitings– the site of the body in space, the engineering of the body and memory, of sound and sense– the way the body moves in coded spaces (war-torn houses, family houses, city landscapes).

Interesting– what if you look at a cross-section of literature, hundreds of poems by authors of a certain age, what do you get. An Age.


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  1. ginny says:

    two notes on your blog this morning, but I’m sending you an article by Mary Carruthers you may not have read about using remembered space as a mnemonic device. It’s pretty awesome. we’re discussing it today in EFowler’s poetry class.

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