FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Michelle Detorie

Michelle Detorie’s full-color (really. full. color.) 4SQ SE is available now at Etsy.

The fabric was designed and hand-screened by Julie. 20 copies are for sale.


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9 Responses to FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Michelle Detorie

  1. John Sakkis says:

    dang, how many issues have you put out in the last couple weeks?

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    thre will be 4 SEs by wednesday… but i remind you that i don’t have a job, this is what i *do*.

    plus i’m gearing up for buffalo.

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    if i could get my printer to print duplex the way it’s *supposed* to, i would make some take-home chapbooks too.

  4. Steven Fama says:

    Although you don’t have a job, all these are still something else:

    On top of the editing, lay-out, and printing, there’s the embroidering and sewing of the sleeves, which must take lots of time even with a machine.

    And then there’s the envelop-ing, addressing, stamping, and mailing.

    And things probably I am overlooking.

    So . . . congratulations!

  5. Steven Fama says:

    Thinking of 4SQ — it might be interesting if in a one-writer edition the four squares somehow could be transcended or partly dissolved.

    That is, something in which he words in each square (for the folds will still remain) somehow are set up so that the reader might relate words across the folds: side to side, top to bottom, or kitty-korner.

    Something similar to Tom Raworth’s book (and poem) Writing. Across two open pages of that book the eye sees four long vertical columns of words. The columns can be (are supposed to be) read from top-to-bottom, one after another, but can also be read horizontally across the pages, or jumbled up.

    I’m also thinking about a work in which there are just two or three or so words per square, printed in a comparatively larger font. That’d have quite a visual (and mental) impact, I think.

  6. Reen says:

    Is it really all sold out? *Sniff*.

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    reen, there are still 3 for sale in the etsy shop… the remaining 5 will be sold at the buffalo small press book fair.

  8. Steven Fama says:

    It can be tricky to find on Etsy, but it is there. The link from the orginal blog post takes you to an Etsy page that says “sold out.”

    But that Etsy page, under the section “Seller’s other items” has a blank space and then the words, “3 items for sale.” Clicking on the latter brings up a page with three items, including the 4SQ Detorie SE. Clicking on the image brings up the page listing (as I write this) three for sale.

    I say this not to complaint but rather just trying to help those who may be looking to buy a copy.

  9. Jessica Smith says:

    thanks steve–

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