The woman next door is mean to her dog. I’m going to kidnap it and love it.


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  1. Reen says:

    I knew someone who did that. Oh, how she loved that dog!

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    he was a very sweet dog when they got it. but the people are crazy, the woman and man are both crazy, they yell at and hit one another, and the poor doggie is going to end up being a confused mean doggie instead of a loving tail-thumping doggie.

  3. Reen says:

    I think that a career as a mysterious dog-rescuing bandit would suit you. You should wear a mask. And castanets should play whenever you appear.

  4. Logan Ryan Smith says:

    go for it.

    when i was 12 i kidnapped a kitten from some kids i knew who were throwing him around like a football.

    we kept him and named him jack o’ lantern, because it was october.

    jack, for short.

    he was a black cat with absolutely no luck. he completely lost his mind before he crawled under the patio to die 7 years later.

  5. Amish Trivedi says:

    Way to bring the room down, LRS

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