the mother of us all

Somewhere beneath my tough but transparent exterior I have a whopping mothering instinct. I ignore it, mostly; I neglect and repress it. I keep my distance from small children and animal shelters.

I say this because Ginny (UVA friend) recently posted about her landlord selling her home. She has one of the best houses I’ve seen in Cville; it’s very cute, set back from the road, walkable (though a long walk) to campus. It makes me sad that she is losing her home and has to look for another one and I want to make it ok.

There are other things too, more private matters, people I care for who are suffering for various reasons and I would like to make everything ok for them.

Let this post serve as a big hug to those of you who need one.


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2 Responses to the mother of us all

  1. derek beaulieu says:

    thanks, i really need one.
    — derek

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    awwww derek…

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