FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Jessica Smith

One big handwritten poem by yours truly; cover art by Chelsea Groves. Available for $5 at Etsy and the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. The poem is about wakes (the trails boats leave; the space between birds in flight; the syntax of motion through water; the act of gaining consciousness or watchfulness). And yes, there are funny Joyce references hidden within, if you have enough patience to read the whole thing. (I think it’s worth it, but you might need a magnifying glass.)


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7 Responses to FOURSQUARE Special Edition: Jessica Smith

  1. editor galaxy says:


    hold one for me so I can buy it for my collec-she-on. I will buy in b-lo–


  2. bill says:


  3. Steven Fama says:

    I don’t see it at etsy?

  4. Steven Fama says:

    Or are these special editions a part of the 4SQ subscription?

    Or are they being offered specially to subscribers to purchase, in addition to being offered here to those who read the blog and at the Buffalo fair?

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    the ones that were at etsy sold out, so i relisted some more… if you go to etsy now you’ll see them. the SEs have nothing to do with the subscription, they’re just extra.

  6. Steven Fama says:

    Please see my comment on your amazing poem under the “close up” photo in your Flickr account.

  7. Jessica Smith says:

    ah, thank you. conner seems interesting; it had also reminded kevin of this, which i found inspiring.

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