FOURSQUARE 1.10: poetry by Sandra Simonds, Michelle Taransky, Jenna Cardinale and Wanda O’Connor. Book Review from Linda Russo on Lauren Shufran’s Burrow (Hooke Press 2006). Cover art by Angel D’Amico.

April will be guest-edited by Kristy Bowen of Dancing Girl Press. In the meantime I will be working on some special editions of 4SQ featuring single authors. The first four women up to plate are Ofelia Hunt, Maureen Thorson, Michelle Detorie, and me. These special editions will be available at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair and through Etsy ($5).


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One Response to FOURSQUARE 1.10

  1. MissWanda says:

    Just received my copies of Foursquare in the mail–thanks! Love the tiny-ness and care with which they’re made. My poem is special in its little sewn pocket. Sure makes my broadsides look dull in comparison (hmm…).

    Posted some pictures on my blog–couldn’t resist the cuteness factor. Let me know if you’d rather not have them up, for rights purposes, etc. I can make the text pics illegible, for instance.

    Thanks again!

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