AWP photos

My AWP pics are not very interesting; mostly they’re of book covers. And I hung out with my brother when I wasn’t at the conference, so they’re not very gossipy or of drunk poets.


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2 Responses to AWP photos

  1. Reen says:

    Book covers are never boring. The Lucky book is great. The Mermaid’s Purse is a good design ruined by a bad typeface. Bleh. With the ornate background, that sans-serif just looks bland. There are probably ways to use it that would make it pop, but here it just looks tossed on to the cover, like a bad afterthought.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    isn’t the lucky book awesome? i saw it– across a crowded room, and somehow i knew, i knew even then– that it was awesome. the spine design on that one is cool too. although i can’t decide how i feel, theoretically, about book covers that are made to look like other things. i really liked the design on “the anger scale”–that was the last cover design that really really excited me. and this one, too, excited me. but theoretically i think books should be able to look like books, not like other things, and pull something off. but what does a book look like? what would that ideal be? when i say that, i think of the penguin great ideas series. but i’m not sure any of this is a legitimate argument.

    i agree about the mermaid’s purse font. the font choice isn’t very risky (nor is its placement very interesting). but the cover is very eye-catching anyway.

    the archipelago books are very pretty in person. they’re small square books with thick cream paper and thick laid-cardstock covers with flaps. they don’t seem very sturdy, but they are very beautiful.

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