AWP Day 3

Matthew moved our table to a better location, and it seemed we got more traffic. Sold some books, although over the 3 AWP days I didn’t sell as many copies of OFC as at a poetry reading. Met/saw KSM, RL, TP, EP, CD, JG, WF, DP, EB, SH, SS and her beautiful baby… probably forgetting some people… still didn’t meet ET, AK.

So, AWP was tiring and boring, and it was fun to hang out with the people at my table and meet people I’d only known online, I didn’t lose much money, but it’s not something I’ll likely do again. I don’t submit to magazines; I don’t need a publisher; I don’t have any interest in the panels or readings. So… yeah. There are other modes of interacting with poetry that I prefer– and I might have to reconsider my decision not to go to Electric City.


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2 Responses to AWP Day 3

  1. Anathemata says:

    Hi Jessica – ran into you at the awp (I keep on thinking ‘at the hop’). Thanks for the heartfelt bit, I returned the favor with a lollipop. Hope you’ve recovered well, it took me a couple days – and I hope to see you again at some more of these poetry overload events (although maybe the less overload type things would be better). Great to meet you. -M

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    hi, i remember you. thanks for the lollipop 😉

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