Coach House Books

If you’re at AWP and haven’t stopped by the Coach House Books table and bought wide slumber for lepidopterists, and extra copies of Eunoia and Crystallography to replace the ones you’ve loaned out to friends, now is the time. Their prices are very discounted– $10/book. It’s more than a 20% discount, which is the amount they discount for their annual holiday sale. Their table is by the up escalator on the up-escalator side of the room.

I am trying not to buy the complete Martyrology.


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12 Responses to Coach House Books

  1. derek beaulieu says:

    give in and get the martyrology .. and while your at it – have a very very close look at MISS LAMP by chris ewart, and SELF-TITLED by geoffry brown – neither of those titles will fail you at all – they are beautiful, beckettian prose, and worth every penny. trust me.
    — derek

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    the canadians are against me!

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    & unfortunately, they take credit cards. it’s just a disaster waiting to happen. i mean, i really need the martyrology, don’t i? don’t i?

  4. derek beaulieu says:

    yes – BUT if you have to decide on any of hte volumes take book 5 and 6 and skip the rest (if you have to pick), and instead take the ewart & brown books – trust me: book 5 & 6 are where bp are at his best in the martyrology … and the other 2 authors could use readers like you!

  5. derek beaulieu says:

    and while im at it – please ask jordan nail & jonathan ball at the dandelion table how “derek’s army of jordans” is doing for me, ok?
    – derek

  6. Steven Fama says:

    How many printings is Eunoia up to now?

    It’s the amazing little prose poem that not only could, but does.

  7. MissWanda says:

    you could start with book 5. My favorite. Work up to the others. On the other hand, words can comfort when one is hungry and without means to buy frozen perogies.

  8. Jessica Smith says:

    ok, so today i didn’t leave my table, because it was going to be too tempting to spend all my newly earned money on other books. so no dANDelion socialization and no martyrology…. sorry derek!

  9. François says:

    Oh, come on, what’s AWP if you are not going into debt? (hence my absence there)

  10. Hot Whiskey Press says:

    Those Christian Bok books are so damn expensive. 10 bucks is a good deal. I think they’re normally around 24…

  11. Jessica Smith says:

    nah, they’re like $13.95. but yeah, $10 is a good deal. plus it’s such a friendly, round number. one bill. easy to fork over. too easy.

    if you want CH books and are too poor to afford them, wait on the 20% off holiday sale.

    their books, like mine, are priced to make enough money back from each copy to actually pay the expenses of printing.

    speaking of, i was at octopus books, and they only charge a $10 reading fee (in contrast to $20-$30). $10 reading fee seems reasonable. maybe i will charge that for book-length MSs.

  12. Hot Whiskey Press says:

    I guess I’m on crack.

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