AWP Day 2

I started today with a pleasant coffeetalk with Sandra; met JL, JB, CT, MH and many people I didn’t already know in any capacity; ran into JC. Sold some books, bought some books, the usual. Today my big book find was via T.A. Noonan. She directed me to the Archipelago Press table, where I bought a poem that is a huge map. I will describe it later. I bought a few things at Archipelago and was impressed with their quality of production. All copies of all backissues of 4SQ have been sold.

Once again I probably won’t be going to any marathon poetry readings or poet drinking sessions tonight. It’s just too much; being at the AWP all day overwhelms and tires me. And I haven’t even been to any panels! I guess I’m not getting the “whole AWP experience,” but for that I think I’d need more coffee.


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2 Responses to AWP Day 2

  1. Logan Ryan Smith says:

    i saw the poet read his big ol’ map poem some time ago. IT’S CRAP! CRAP!! CRAP!!!

  2. Logan Ryan Smith says:


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