AWP Day 1

AWP is weird. But so far I have sold some copies of OFC and FOURSQUARE and bought the recent Octopus chapbook pack, two from The Pines; Mayport; Lemon Hound and a new copy of Crystallography (great deals over at the Coach House booth, btw)… obtained some dANDelion (thx derek, by extension)…. I didn’t go to any panels or readings, probably won’t… limited doses. Met some people I’d only heard of (TAN, KB, AB, MY, AG, JR, LAM, DM, MS, KH etc.); saw some people I already liked (CB, AM, SB, LH, MK).

See, it’s initials, not name-dropping exactly, just a shout-out to those who recognize themselves here. Great to meet ya’ll, finally.

I like having a press. It makes interaction absolutely honest (from my side, anyway); I can drool over products by presses I admire, but I don’t worry about, “wow I hope I don’t make a bad impression or X will never publish me.” Go go Buffalo Poetics Program and its crazy DIY empowerment!

Hung out with Charlie and his friends who made a fantastic Southern-gourmet dinner, now endless Futurama.


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9 Responses to AWP Day 1

  1. Tao Lin says:

    how was the action books table?

    more information please

  2. Amish Trivedi says:

    I love Futurama! Did you hear it’s coming back next year on Comedy Central???

  3. alixandra_leaving says:

    your foursquare bookmarks are great! they work really well for the publication AND they are *so cute*.

    next time you send me something, maybe you could send a couple.

    where did you get the stamp?

  4. Ryan Downey says:

    the action books table had books and buttons.

    i got a button.

    several people asked me where the action books table was after i put on my button.

    Amy King asked if i was there with action books.

    no i was not.

    that is all the information i have.

  5. Ryan W. says:

    I like the new foursquare a lot. I just had a quick look. The writing is very good, and the coloring. I hadn’t seen anything by Ofelia Hunt tho it seems like I see her name around a lot. I’ll definitely be reading more of her. The other three are very good too.

    The part in your post about how you like having a press is interesting, but I’m not sure I understand literally what you’re saying there, about why it makes you not worry about making a bad impression, etc. Because you can always publish yourself?

    Yes, go Buffalo Poetics Program. I’m amazed by how many good writers that program turns out. By contrast I literally can’t name a single person from my own program (CU Boulder) whose writing I’ve seen in print or expect to see in print, or who I really keep up with very much, writing-wise. Although given how many magazines there are out there I guess it’s quite possible that there are people from my program who are publishing and I just don’t know it, or people who were there a little before me, etc. Actually some of them are probably publishing a little, but I couldn’t say who or where.

  6. Jessica Smith says:

    tao, the action table is good, very asturely organized, your book is easy to see from a few tables away. i happened to go by there at a time when joyelle and johannes were elsewhere, so maybe i didn’t see it at its best, but it looked good, you can be happy with your publisher 😉

    amish, i don’t get cable

    alix, thanks! i found the stamp digging through a crate of marked-down stamps at the craft store. i’ll send you one or 14.

    I have not yet met Amy King! Or Kate Greenstreet! Or Danielle Pafunda! I hear they are all here but where ARE they? And where’s Catherine Daly??

  7. jeannine says:

    Hey Jessica! I saw you twice but I think I was trapped in conversation or at my booth both times. Your book is really beautiful, I did get to make its acquaintance. PS Futurama rules! And I think the new episodes will also be available on DVD…

  8. Jessica Smith says:

    oh my gosh! i saw your book, but i didn’t recognize/see you (i’m bad with recognizing people from pictures). your book was very eye-catching. do you have my book? wanna trade?

  9. bill says:

    Too bad we didn’t get to meet.

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