business card poems

One nice thing about Birmingham is that it’s so close to ATL that it’s possible to procrastinate for a long time and still arrive at AWP with reasonable punctuality.

Since I’m not yet sure of my coming address in VA, I made my own poem-business-cards with just the virtual address (font is Kilkenny-Eureka from p22). Thinking of making some bookmarks too (Maureen’s BGB ones always look so impressive). And I wonder where one can get gummy paper to make bookplates?


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5 Responses to business card poems

  1. Jessica Smith says:

    that’s not very nice.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    oh yay!

    i made bookmarks and poem-business-cards but next time… mark my word… next time there will be bookplates!

  3. derek beaulieu says:

    i love these: 3-dimensional poems / puns! excellent
    — derek

  4. SM Smith says:

    I adore these and your bookmarks (your flickr page)! I think you should make these your all-around business cards because they are sooo much more than that : ) If you have any leftovers may I beg for one?

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