Last night I dreamt that a little girl who was learning how to spell asked me how to spell “decidewalk.”


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  1. DUSIE says:

    wow, i used to have so many baby girl dreams before I had Stella…where the child was a poem, etc…i like decidewalk…she will be clever!

  2. Logan Ryan Smith says:

    is susana implying that you’re preggers, cuz?

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    ha– i wondered that myself logan (and don’t ya’ll’s washed-out green pics look lovely together?) but i’m definitely NOT pregnant, unless it’s parthenogenesis, b/c i haven’t been having sex.

    i often dream of little girls, though, they seem to usually represent a relationship or a project i’m working on or part of myself that’s being neglected. as if i, as a big girl, were made of many little girls.

  4. tmorange says:

    are you sure it wasn’t “da sidewalk”?


    (word verification: inrhluee)

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    well, no, although that would have been cool given the release of lorraine’s chapdisc. but i had to spell it and i spelled d-e-c-i-d-e-w-a-l-k.

  6. DUSIE says:

    i wasn’t implying pregnancy in the least, I was having dreams about girl as poem/s for years preceding the unexpected carriage of said girl!!! hehe…

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