Detorie or Boyer?

Yesterday I was asked to distinguish between the vispo of Michelle Detorie and that of Anne Boyer. To me, the differences are obvious, but I had not sat down and tried to put them into words. This is what I said, off-the-cuff:

– michelle’s recent work is w/3-D objects and mirrors. thus far, anne’s work is consistently 2-D.
– anne’s work almost always contains illustrations taken from childrens’ lit, which has its own connotations and politics. michelle is more likely to use clippings from womens’ journals for her collage work, which has a different but related political vibrance.
– michelle doesn’t only do collage work for her vispo, she also does sort of— concrete, for lack of a better descriptor– work. anne has a well-defined style that she sticks to and which can be identified at a glance if you’re familiar with its elements.
– anne vascillates b/t vispo-collage work and straight poetry but still seems to see the two as separate genres. one indication of this is that the words in her collages often work as captions for the pictures (there are other ways for word+picture combinations to function). for michelle, poetry is what happens— she’s less constricted by genre expectations (she also makes performance pieces).

on the level of poetic use of language (rather than construction), anne’s work is more baroque, using longer lines. these lines are usually found and left as they were found. michelle uses smaller parts (single words or groups of single words) which are also usually found, but are combined. anne repeats; michelle combines.

I like both womens’ work very much, and with Michelle’s recent “die*o*rama” pieces I think she has come into something uniquely her own, making her work and Anne’s even more distinguishable than they had been previously.


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One Response to Detorie or Boyer?

  1. sandrasimonds says:

    Anne is fucking RAD

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