I want the new iPod shuffle. In green. It’s so cute! OMG. I don’t have $80. I also have a perfectly functional iPod already. It’s pretty old (2003), and the battery is basically dead, so it’s not very portable. It costs about the same to replace the battery as to buy a new shuffle. But technically I don’t need to replace the battery or buy anything (still paying off credit cards, gearing up to pay rent and deposit on a new apartment, AWP and related poetry travel, etc.). But if I did buy one, I’d buy the green one. And I know what poem I’d engrave on the back– my favorite Ronald Johnson line.

I have a fetish for well-designed things. We can blame it on my aunt and uncle, who are architects, and on my mom and dad, who are tailors who know the quality of fabrics, the strength of different stitches, and other such details. Charlie and I both got the design-snob gene, of which Apple constantly takes advantage. (Charlie has an extensive collection of Apple products dating all the way back–things he’s bought used on Ebay. His desk drawers here are like iMuseum.)


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2 Responses to squeal!

  1. Rachel says:

    I have the “I like it when my computer and peripherals work” gene, which a also steers me in the direction of Apple products.

  2. Mark says:

    Ugh. That was me.

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