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I miss these. They’re so decadent. I have sat in this exact spot and eaten one of these (though I take my coffee black). I wonder if any bakeries in Birmingham make them. (If you click on the photo, the photographer has included a lot of information.)


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2 Responses to semlor

  1. Steven Fama says:

    The bun looks incredible! It looks like a whole mardi gras in and of itself, which is appropriate given when it is traditionally served.

    The photographer describes it has having a “swirl” of whipped cream. That’s quite an understatement. It looks like a small hill of swirled cream. Very impressive.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Yeah… it’s not entirely accurate to say that it’s “whipped cream” either, although it is. I mean, it is not what we think of as whipped cream. It is quite literally whipped cream, thick almost as butter and quite sweet. There’s a marzipan-like filling inside, too (from his description it seems like the almond paste, which is runnier than marzipan, is the same as the whipped cream. it isn’t.) It’s so good! It “embodies” fat tuesday, or one embodies fat tuesday after eating it. 😉

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