Buffalo cuisine

A new list. Buffalo restaurants I miss (specific foods I miss most):

1. Globe Market (gazpacho, meatloaf, gumbo)
2. Romeo’s (the Dante)
3. Lone Star (beef fajitas)
4. Left Bank (fried oysters, calamari)
5. Founding Father’s (blackened blue)
6. Anderson’s Frozen Custard (plain old vanilla)
7. the Korean place at UB (bibim bob)
8. Solid Grounds (mmm anything for breakfast)
9. Spot Coffee (Indian Monsoon Malabar!)
10. Wegman’s (oh Wegmans! How I miss thee!)
11. Saigon Bangkok (green curry)
12. Amy’s Place (lentil berry)
13. Toro (tuna)
14. New York Pizza
15. Lake Effect Diner (the chili!)

Runners up: Duff’s, Hutch’s, Pano’s…


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4 Responses to Buffalo cuisine

  1. Dan Coffey says:

    Oh, Amy’s. When I was an undergrad in the early 90s I lived two blocks off of Main on Merrimac, right down from Amy’s. Must have breakfasted there hundreds of times. Back before Amy sold the place, and when Ann was still waitressing. Now I understand that Ann herself has sold the place and gone to New England. I took Genya there last summer for some killer shawarma and eggs.

  2. theseus says:

    what about EBT, or the other place that is just like it but I can’t remember the name of and apparently you’re supposed to only go to one or the other even though I went to both?

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    Mmmm Amy’s Place! Sooo goooood. And warm and nice and cozy. And good music and good staff.

    solid grounds is also good for breakfast. and pano’s is good too.

  4. Jessica Smith says:

    what’s EBT?

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