Advice for those who aren’t hearing from phd programs this month

So… how do you keep from killing yourself if you don’t get into grad school?

a. substance abuse
b. prescription drugs
c. eating disorders
d. therapy
e. furry animals

Console yourself with the fact that no matter what job you take in your year(s) off, it will probably pay at least $10k/yr more than a graduate student stipend. As long as you’re bullshitting your way through life, you might as well be making enough to live on.


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7 Responses to Advice for those who aren’t hearing from phd programs this month

  1. Minor American says:

    maggie chose D last year. if that helps.

  2. jeannine says:

    Just think of all the student loans you won’t have to repay? All the spare time to write?

  3. Jessica Smith says:

    yes (kate). i chose b, d, & e. small wriggly furry things do help a lot. and yes (jeannine)… for me anyway grad school has not helped my poetry writing at all. i think for some people it can be much better to have a job and write than to go to school and write.

    i guess the point of this cynical message and these comments is, IF you didn’t get into grad school (whoever you are), we understand how hard it is. hugs–

  4. K. Lorraine Graham says:

    What is this thing called “spare time?”

  5. Amish Trivedi says:

    I know I’m panicking, and that I’m going overboard, but I’m glad that people understand

    (even if they are making fun of me…)

    I’ve done the “Oh well, at least I’ll have money” bit of it, but I don’t care anymore! My job wouldn’t be worth it if it paid twice what it pays now I just want OUT!

  6. Jessica says:

    we’re not making fun of you at all.

  7. Amish Trivedi says:

    I didn’t mean you

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