top 10 films meme

yeah… writing paper… going well….

Kasey has listed his 100 favorite movies in answer to a meme that asked for his top 10. Kristen followed the rules.

Anyway, here are my top 10, but not in any order.
1. Casablanca
2. North by Northwest
3. Frida
4. The Hours
5. Mulholland Drive
6. 12 Monkeys
7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
8. Requiem for a Dream
9. Rear Window
10. Dial M for Murder

This is a difficult list to make, because there are films that I think are truly great but that I never want to see again (Monster). And I could watch Hitchcock all the time and be perfectly content.

Movies that I watch whenever they’re on t.v. but don’t own or rent include Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Interview with the Vampire, It’s a Wonderful Life, and War Games.

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9 Responses to top 10 films meme

  1. Rev. Dr. says:

    Requiem for a dream, man. That’s a movie I only ever want to see once. I developed a major hate on Selby after reading Last Exit to Brooklyn and just thinking that if that’s really how he sees the world, why doesn’t he and everyone he knows just commit suicide already. uggh.

    Good movie, but dark, really, really, dark.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Hm… I haven’t read that. Most of what I like about Requiem is, disturbingly enough, aesthetic. It is a beautiful movie. Even toward the end when Jared’s arm is infected, it’s the most beautiful disgustingness. In fact, the movie’s beauty may be kind of a problem for its message, but it’s not my movie so I don’t have to care, I can just watch it and think it’s pretty.

    The message is good, storytelling/narrative structure is good, actors are good, but what puts it up in the top 10 for me is its cinematography.

  3. Gillian says:

    Here’s my list, and thank you very much for helping me procrastinate.

  4. François says:

    Working on my list as of now. Should be done by the time you see this comment.

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    ok, gillian, party girl 1995 or party girl 1930?

  6. François says:

    Okay, it is there now.

    Word verif is vgtebbra … Hum …

  7. Patrick Dillon says:

    Not that anyone invited me to participate, but I find it interesting that everyone assumes the term “film” excludes documentary. The only person I’ve seen mention one is gillian, with The Last Waltz, and none show up on the top 100. Unless I’m missing something here, I think it behooves us all to work with the broadest defintion.

    I would have a hard time not filling up my top ten with the work of Erroll Morris and Godfrey Reggio alone.

    (Also, no one is touting the film Brazil which definitely deserves mention. So to make up for that, I will give Gilliam’s top ten, as he listed them in an interview:
    * Citizen Kane (Welles)
    * 8 1/2 (Fellini)
    * Pinocchio (Sharpsteen/Luske)
    * The Seventh Seal (Bergman)
    * Seven Samurai (Kurosawa)
    * Napoleon (Gance)
    * Birth of a Nation (Griffiths)
    * Sherlock Junior (Keaton)
    * The Exterminating Angel (Bunuel)
    * Lawrence of Arabia (Lean))

  8. Jessica Smith says:

    i don’t think i was assuming that it didn’t include documentaries, just that my top 10 favorite films aren’t documentaries. but i haven’t seen so many documentaries, so.

    Brazil is good but it’s not something I’d see over and over again. Something about it doesn’t appeal to me the way these other films do. Top 100? Sure. Top 10? Nope.

  9. speterme says:

    My favorit film of all tim is Wings of Desir by Wim Wndrs. I didn’t raliz this until rcntly, as it had bn yars sinc I’d last sn it. Thn, I chckd it out of th library. Th first 15 minuts ar unlik any other film I can think of — th thoughts, words, flow, lack of plot, imagry, and wandring. Just bautiful. It was thn I dtrmind that I’ll nd to gt it on DVD somtim in th nar futur.

    pac, lov, and undrstanding (nvr giv up!)

    Stv Ptrmir
    no man’s land
    minnapolis, mn

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