addresses since 2002

120 Meyer Rd, Amherst NY, 14226
537 West Ferry, Buffalo, NY 14222
77 Linwood, Buffalo NY 14209
547 Franklin St, Buffalo NY 14209
Banergatan xx, 11522 Stockholm
Schelleingasse 10/2, 1040 Vienna
726 Madison Ave, Charlottesville VA 22903

I don’t actually enjoy moving around so much but my life tends to be a mix of abusive relationships, wanderlust, idealism and fluctuating income levels. I like it here but I kinda miss Charlottesville. I often miss Buffalo. At least it’s warmer here.


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6 Responses to addresses since 2002

  1. Rev. Dr. says:

    Charlottesville grows on you.

  2. Jessica Smith says:

    Yeah, I think anyplace will grow on you if you let it. I get afraid of getting stuck (anywhere).

  3. Dan Coffey says:

    I miss Buffalo too. I lived on Inwood Ave (between Richmond and Elmwood; Bird and Potomac), which doesn’t even show up on Google Maps, and later on the NE corner of Richmond and Bryant.

  4. tmorange says:

    is it true that all buffalo poets must live on west ferry at some point in their tenure there?…t.

    (word verification: fblapuaf)

  5. Jessica Smith says:

    yeah… i guess there’s about a 6×10 block radius in which everyone lives.

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